Transform any photo into a durable museum quality masterpiece stone art.
Ideal for any special occasion:

Weddings and Engagements
Family Portraits
Baby's First Picture
Graduation pictures
Antique Photos
School Pictures
Art Work

Any design you wish---Your Imagination is your only limit!
Stone Art
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Turn any photo into a classic
treasure that will last for a lifetime
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Image Transfer to Stone
Welcome to Stone Art. We manufacture stone portraits, stone pictures, rock pictures, rock art rocks photos, and many other personalized
photo gifts. We also manufacture very unique photo canvas, with a very unique photo surface and stone tile murals. We specialized in
photo transfers and images transfers to a variety of organic surfaces. Photographers are welcomed to send photograph work for
wholesale opportunity.  All stone art photo gifts have durable surfaces suitable for a lifetime of enjoyment. We are the leaders in specialty
three-dimensional printing.
Welcome to the nexus of science and art! We can transfer any picture to stone---and create museum quality masterpiece.

Stone art is not just photo transfer decopage---it is a type of cutting edge 3-D printing. Click on any picture to view details---as
you can see, the  picture covers organic and uneven surfaces.

What is it? Our cutting edge film is a combination of polymer and concret composite. This means that the surface is highly
durable, and if sealed, can be used out doors. Pretty amazing? We think so!

No two art stones are the same---much like fingerprints---you get a different result each time an image is transfered. Stone art
employs cutting edge film print technology. Made in the USA.